A creative city is a territory that recognizes that the creative industries, or some field of them, is a vehicle for local development.

According to the National Plan to Promote the Creative Economy, the creative industry is defined as “a broad set of economic activities in which the service or product contains a substantial creative artistic element. The creative industry is home to various sectors of arts and culture, such as music, books, and audiovisual media, plus all artistic or cultural productions, whether individual or full productions, and which mainly includes performing arts, visual arts, photography, and craftsmanship, as well as service sectors such as architecture and design.”


Frutillar is a small town in the south of Chile, located on the shore of Lake Llanquihue. With a view of an imposing string of volcanoes, fields and forests, its most important attributes are its landscapes and music. Since groups of German immigrants settled in the area around 1850, the preservation of their traditions and culture was strongly related to artistic development. The basis of the city’s development is the result of a group of workers who came to construct and install the railway line on the mountain.


The Plans of Action undertaken for this nomination are:

Frutillar enjoys a vibrant cultural life throughout the year, which has been attracting more and more people, whether visitors or new neighbors. Unfortunately, this does not have a correlation in local education, where more than 80% of its students of public establishments are in a vulnerable situation. Undoubtedly thinking about the sustainability of an initiative aimed at deepening the impact of creativity as a strategic factor of development cannot leave out local education. “Creative Learning” is a program that aims to place creativity as a priority result of the pedagogical processes that take place in Frutillar and thus meet the objective number 4 of Sustainable Development Objectives 2013, specifically contributing to improve the quality of education and its relevance, to provide the necessary skills to access…